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💞 A Heart-To-Heart & Hallelujah!


Ten(ish) years ago, when I started writing songs (just for ME), my goal was to simply create new endings to old stories in my life - and my songs helped me IMMENSELY with this.

A whole new world opened up to me though when friends, family and fans joined forces to help me record my first album. It was so rewarding to see a small community emerge and come together and to witness the profound positive effect my music had in the lives of others, even perfect strangers.

Naturally, I wanted to keep it up! Even when my producer at the time screwed me over and I lost my mother to cancer then my brother to suicide all within 18 months, I felt it my responsibility to press forward because so many people invested in me. (Maybe even you?)

But after my second album launch (which was a HUGE success!) it all finally caught up with me. Eventually it all just seemed like a blur and I felt like I was just going through the motions. What once felt like a meaningful adventure now felt like a financial burden. My creativity was also at an all time low so I decided to stop. This was probably one of the best decisions ever. I needed to process some events in my life and heal.

During this time of introspection I felt a new song chapter begin to emerge. Along with it, a new vision of how I’d want to go about things this second time around ...if only I could just get my shit together and figure it out.

This involved being in my head a lot lol. I don’t even think I knew what that expression meant before this! “TOO MUCH MIND!!” (you movie buffs will know where that’s from) Trying to figure shit out in your head without your heart is now MY definition of insanity, Lol. It’s horrible, don’t try it.

Maybe it was just me trying to avoid stacking all the other emotions on top of the deep emotions of vulnerability and uncertainty that come with being a creative AND a free spirit AND an entrepreneur, but my lil walkabout also involved me trying my hand at some more “sensible” endeavors. Finally I landed the most sensible job ever for me - or so *I* thought - because it was a great mix of everything I love doing. Except music. - BUT it would allow me to save up for that... (a new album was now somewhere in my not-so-distant future, woohoo!!)

Three months later the pandemic hit.

When I got the call that I was laid off--I know it’s weird--but that was literally the switch that turned my heart back on. (NOT saying the pandemic was a good thing, just relating my experience with it) Funny, I wasn’t even in the least bit shocked or disappointed. It was so matter of fact, it was amusing. It’s like my brain told my heart “All that for this? Huh. I’m out of ideas. Peace out ✌️”, and my heart finally perked back up and said “yay”.

That’s when I realized heart healing is done in the background - even when doing inner work - and nothing but time can speed up the process.

How do you know you’re healed? When you can look back with gratitude. Grateful for the person you have become despite what has been taken from you. Because you’re never quite the same. Which is a good thing if you’ve grown. You’re still you - but better :) Stronger.

So do I finally have it all figured out?


But the heart's a “GO”, brain’s back from vacay (I think), and I’m FIRED UP. 😁

ESPECIALLY because this weekend we crossed the 50% funding mark to record a new album!!! - IN THE FIRST WEEK!! WOOHOOO!!! 🙌

If you’re one of the amazing people responsible for that - THANK YOU!!! (don't forget to send me your photo for my “Hall of Supporters”, please don’t forget to send me one ASAP!)

If you’re not one of them but would like to be part of my next music chapter and/or get some really fun stuff along the way check out my project HERE!

As little as 5$ gets you on the receiving end of a lot of fun perks - and by commissioning me, you get access to some unique offerings that you can’t get any other way.

Either way, hope you have an amazing week - even better than my weekend!!!

Love & Light,

EM :)