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🤔 Should I Record A New Album? 🤔


Lately I’ve been asked a LOT “When will you be releasing new music?”

The TRUTH is a new album IS way overdue as I have not one, but TWO albums worth of songs to record!!

BUT, it’s not up to me. It’s up to YOU :)

...That’s right! What I record and release really depends on what I have the budget for, and my budget is determined by my investors (aka label).

Thing is, as an independent artist, YOU are my investors…YOU are my label!

The only difference between being signed to a major label and being an independent artist is the funding source.

Labels are like banks who draw up contracts that guarantee their returns, but independent artists like me rely on awesome individuals like you (“patrons of the arts”!) who wanna be directly involved in their favorite artists careers and in turn receive special recognition, rewards, and perks.

So the real question is: what would you like to see come to life and what would make it worthwhile to YOU?


The EDEN MOODY EP that today is available everywhere, including Spotify & Pandora, was ONLY made possible because THESE 96 backers made it happen.

My second release “THIS IS ME - Nashville Sessions” - available exclusively on Bandcamp - was all thanks to my mother (RIP).

So will there be a new album in my future?

Today I invite you to put in your two cents by taking the 60-second survey below to let me know your thoughts so I can make a plan. 🤔


Can’t wait to get back to you next week and let you know the new music forecast!

Lots of love,

EM :)

P.S. Just for fun, here are 7 facts every independent music artist fan should know...

    1. It often costs more to produce a professional sounding album than what an independent touring artist makes in a year.
    2. The “million dollar contract” that a Voice contestant winner receives goes into recording and marketing ONE SONG (yet I’ve never heard any of The Voice winner’s songs on the radio… hmmm?) ...AND the win usually does nothing to further the contestant’s immediate music career as they are bound by exclusive agreements regarding releasing new music.
    3. It takes MILLIONS of streams to earn minimum wage (See screenshot below). Yet it costs way more than minimum wage to afford the advertising needed to reach that amount of streams.
    4. A music artist receives about $0.09 cents per download/SALE made via any platform other than their website. (moral: if you wanna support an artist, purchase directly from them!)
    5. If a music artist does not register their release with the right entities, it doesn’t matter where or how the song/album has been released, NO credit will be given monetarily or otherwise (like a Grammy nomination) even if they somehow miraculously get millions of streams or downloads the first day.
    6. The ONLY way for an artist to chart is for true fans to have purchased enough albums through the approved platforms.
    7. The ONLY way for an independent artist to be nominated for an official music award (like CMAs or ACMs) is for them to chart.

    Now you're not just a fan - you're an edumecated music fan! 😜
    ...that is excited to SHARE YOUR OPINION >>