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😮 Why I'm Changing My Name 😮

“Ten years from now, you will surely arrive. The the question is: where? Who will you have become? How will you live? What will you contribute?” ~ Tony Robbins

...It was these questions (along with all the other changes going on in the world at this time) that I decided my second 22nd birthday would be the perfect time to do something I'd been contemplating for quite some time: change my name. 🎉😎🎂

And here's why...

First of all, "EM" are my first and last initials and Carmela is my middle name. I like Em Carmela because of the story behind my middle name. (See P.S. at the end)

Second, because Em Carmela is easier to say than Eden Moody in many languages, especially in South America where I'm from. 🙂 

And last--but most importantly--"EM" reminds me of my purpose, of what my music brings to you: a message of personal EMpowerment. 

I realized the songs that I've written over the years, or been drawn to (regardless of genre!), all have that theme in common. It's clear to me that my personal struggles were (still are!) a gift and I give thanks to the universe everyday for allowing me the opportunity to transmute these into songs, stories and stuff that can inspire you in your journey!

So the kind of songs I like to share offer the higher perspective often needed to emerge victorious from the personal struggles related to our human condition. There are lots of songs out there to help you get in touch with your feelings, but I've found the world needs more of the kind that helps you rise above them. (that's kind of what good friends are for, right? 😉 )

So there you go! You've probably already noticed I've changed my handle across socials to @ElevateWithEM and now you know why. 

Anyhoo, most of you know me as "Eden Moody, the folky-gypsy-country artist" so calling me Em Carmela (still folky-gypsy-country...) might feel weird at first... and that's ok! 

I appreciate you being here for the journey... However little or long you decide to tag along, I hope to have brought you a smile and a song 😁🎵 


EM 🙂

P.S. In case you're wondering, the story of "Carmela" is as follows:

When I was born in Argentina and my parents took me to be registered, they wrote out my name as “Eden Carmel Moody”: “Eden” meaning “delight” and “Carmel” meaning “garden”. 

The clerk however said “Eden” was an unacceptable name for a female and that they’d need to add an “a” on there, make it “Edena” or “Edna” to make it gender specific. After much imploring both parties decided to meet in the middle, literally. The authorities settled for adding the “a” to the end of my second name making it “Carmela” under the premise that my parents would call me by that name, not “Eden”.

Welp, my parents left Argentina only months later and never went back so I guess I was meant to be born there and end up with an “a” at the end of my second name lol!


  1. That's really interesting! Funny how we end up with the name we are given ��

  2. I was supposed to be called Peter right up till the day I was born. Then my parents changed their minds for no particular reason and I ended up with the name Tony


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