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Hey Stranger!

How've you been? 

I know it's been a minute and I realize that's probably a loaded question considering the timing...

Your life probably looks a lot different now than the last time I messaged you.

I know mine does...


Have you ever stopped to think "what would I do if I never had to work for money another day of my life?"

If you're retired that might be your reality, but it certainly wasn't mine last year when I asked myself that question.

However, it WAS a pretty day to take in the view from my deck and entertain the thought...

What happened next was unlike anything that's ever happened to me before.

I had this bolt of lightning moment that was so specific and enlightening that I immediately put my cigar and glass of whatever it was down, picked up my phone and wrote down THE PLAN. 

It was AWESOME. I knew everything I needed to do as far as what I wanted to accomplish - IF I had all the time in the world.

Problem was I did NOT have all the time in the world. My time was being traded for money.

Not only did I still need to work for money (like, for basic adulting), but I also needed not just time, but also money to accomplish THE PLAN!

AND playing music was barely making me enough to get by.

On one hand I felt very successful and proud of myself for accomplishing as much as I HAD, especially given the late start that I had in life! (Hint: I was no spring chicken when I began writing songs)

But having the cashier recognize me from the cover of the magazine and say how much she loves my music while I pull out my EBT card to pay wasn't exactly my idea of success. 

So I decided to walk away from playing music for a living. Did my last show and fell off the map. At least that's how it looked from a public and social media standpoint.

From now on, I'd focus on finding a great job that would provide me the money to eventually secure THE PLAN! (Which DID involve music, btw - but different - a radically new approach)

Fast forward to March...

I was in Nashville for a long anticipated family vacation when everything shut down.

There would be no Grand Ol Opry, among other things we'd planned...

My guitar was suddenly dead weight because there would be no Bluebird Cafe either. The only performing I'd be doing was a couple songs for the heck of it at the gate before my flight home.

At first I'm pissed!

How’s it even constitutional to FORBID people to work??

How is LIMITING healthcare and cancelling medical appointments SAVING lives?? 

WTF is REEEEEALLY going on here??

So many questions.

After a LONG hiatus from Facebook, I decide to scroll through my feed. BAD idea lol. 

I begin to realize, I'm good. 

I REALLY don't have it that bad.

I'm healthy!

...and even though my grandfather just passed away, I'm grateful he lived a long and healthy life and did not have to spend his last days in quarantine. Even seems he left when he did because if he'd waited, he'd have to wait awfully long for a memorial or not get one at all…

And...I ACTUALLY have time to spring clean!

And sleep in. 

And hike.

And I don't have to feel guilty about preferring to stay home than go out with my friends...

And for the first time EVER I won't possibly miss out on anything because for once, there's nothing to miss out on! 

(Any introverts here identify?)

So yeah...

Then it dawned on me. WOW!! I ACTUALLY have ALL the time in the world now. AND not at the expense of money!

(Thank heavens for forced unemployment. My JOB is now to stay home and NOT go make money.)

I have no idea how long this will last, but I finally have the time I need to work THE PLAN!! 

So now, here in quarantine with the rest of the world I get to reconnect with you.

I'm actually REALLY excited.

And if you think I'm showing up a bit differently this time, it's because I am.

So let me ask YOU a question now:

What's one GOOD thing this quarantine has brought you?

I look forward to hearing from you - even if it's just one word 🙂


EM :)