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🍁 Fall-ing Into A New Chapter 🍁

Wow, I can hardly believe it’s already been a month since I announced my “last performance of 2018”! (for a time that is yet undefined)

And I’ve been asked a lot why am I’m “not doing music anymore” - so figured a “note” to clarify was in order!

First of all, I have NOT stopped “doing music”. If anything, much to the contrary. But I can totally understand where a lack of tour dates on my website and posting pictures of my shows could make it appear that way…

So allow me to share a little “behind the scenes”…

Have you ever stopped to compare the person you are now to the person you were 5…10...15...or even 20 years ago? (even if you are super young, I dare you to try this)

...what were your dreams?

...what was your biggest personal struggle?

...what was your biggest source of happiness? would your old self react to your now self?

As for me, if my old self were to meet my now self, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t get along too well. At least not at first… My views on life have changed so much!


Years ago when I moved to the USA, I never thought I’d one day be a songwriter much less a recording artist leading a solo music career. I was the shy girl on back-up-vocals with the “not strong enough” voice to lead, “not skinny enough” physique to be a diva...and finally, as my boyfriend at the time even said, “too old to start a music career”—and he was right. ...IF the plan was to be mainstream, that is, or get signed to a label.  

So when I arrived in the USA and went to school for music (ONLY because sitting in a classroom sounded better than getting a job at minimum wage AND music was the ONLY thing I could imagine spending HOURS learning about) NATURALLY, it was NOT my plan to be a solo music artist or try to get signed.

...perhaps I could TEACH music...or move somewhere exciting and work FOR a label? 🤔

Turns out, being signed to a label is 100% unnecessary in today’s music industry as I came to find out when 96 friends, family, and fans fully funded my first EP turning me into a what? ...a freakin’ official RECORDING ARTIST!

That experience taught me that there was SO much that I didn’t know about the music industry AND quite frankly, myself.

And because others believed in me, I decided to believe in myself and began imagining what it would be like to make a living from music. So I made a plan, executed my plan, and made it happen!

So last month, here I was 18 months later - an “established musician” performing regularly for an (albeit humble) LIVING!

But guess what? Remember all the learning I told you that I realized I still needed to do?

Welp, I did some of that too 😉


Mostly I learned a lot about myself.

I learned what I’m good at and—most importantly—what I’m best at.

As I made a name for myself locally, I learned that my “zone of excellence” is when I step up to the mic in a venue full of people and am magically able to draw their attention away from their conversations and adult beverages just long enough to deliver a memorable moment and create a meaningful connection.

From Bruno Mars and Aerosmith pre-shows to upscale wineries to divey bars...I’ve welcomed them ALL and I’ve had a BLAST!

HOWEVER... I also learned that unlike my “zone of excellence”, my “zone of genius is when I am writing, creating new music, and especially... when I step up to a mic in a room full of people... a room with eyes and ears that are terrifyingly expectant... and deliver my songs and stories in a manner that makes everyone feel like time has disappeared.

Funny how my “zone of genius” is the very thing that would TERRIFY my old self. And that’s why I’ve made the decision to make it my new focus.


Somebody once said, “One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time”  and that’s how I feel about this new phase in my music career.

My “zone of excellence” is what I’m really good at but it keeps me too comfortable. I don’t grow. So with a pat on my back for achieving my first goal of “becoming a full time musician”, I am now kicking my own ass into “becoming a full fledged music ARTIST”.

I know I am going to miss being on-stage regularly and the work that I am going to have to put in is going to frustrate me at times because it will appear that I am getting nowhere with no “land” in sight, but if there’s one thing I fear more than failure, it’s being in the exact same place next year than I am today.

So if and when I am ready to approach the stage once again, it won’t be because I need to make a buck to pay my bills or even because I need to sell tickets to fill seats to pay off a label’s loan — it will be because I am on a mission to catch up with friends everywhere over art. (and perhaps wine). 😃

I can only hope my music and story so far have been an inspiration to you. ❤️️

Speaking of inspiration, I wanna invite you to be PART of my next adventure WITH me. Sure, if you stick around I’ll be sharing new music and stuff that inspires me that may inspire you, but I also wanna invite you to share YOUR stories that will in turn inspire ME and who knows, even some new songs. (Seriously!)

Yep, think I’ll just leave you with that thought. 😊

Your fan,

Eden :)

P.S. If you enjoy social media, here’s how we can connect (other than email):

  • Instagram - most active here :)  

  • Facebook - very active, but mostly important updates and stuff

  • Gypsy Country Nation (Facebook Group) - sometimes I chime in, but mostly it’s a social hub I created for “gypsy hicks” - alternative country folk like you and I with the world on our minds - to have conversations with each other about things we find interesting about life and exploring the range beyond the white picket fence 🤠