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☀️Out Of Hibernation! ☀️


Well it’s spring time around here and for me that means time to come out of hibernation! 

Yep that’s right, I like to hibernate during the cold months around here… but that doesn’t mean I don’t get shit done. Actually MOST of my really hard work is done during that time and then during the spring and summer I get to be on-stage and perform and hang with friends and all that fun stuff that’s coming, WOOHOO! 🙌🙌🙌

So in case you’re wondering like some of you have written in asking “where’ve you BEEN?!?!?”, with many big projects finally out of the way, I’ve decided it’s about time I give you some big news. 

Here’s some of the stuff you’ll be hearing about…

  • New Album..

  • A HUGE project launch that’s gonna involve YOU - which has nothing to do with the new album btw..

  • Another huge project launch that does have to do with the New Album..

  • ANOTHER HUGE project that involves a huge adventure that involves the first huge project that doesn’t have to do with the New Album..

  • Adventure..

  • Fun stuff..

  • Great people..

  • Adventure..

Okay so in case that list isn’t specific enough for you, I’ve decided I’ll give it to you bite by bite because that’s the only way to eat an elephant, right? (hope you caught the joke…)

But before I get into that - may I ask you a favor? You see, I am launching something pretty big on Facebook soon that has to do with the second item on that list that I’ll be telling you about first … so if my music has touched you in some way, would you mind dropping into Facebook page here real quick and leaving a review?? It would really mean the world to me as it would be super helpful for brand new people to hear what those who came before them are saying ❤️

As a token of appreciation, for every 10 reviews I get, I will be giving away a signed copy of my latest album THIS IS ME - yes, mailed to you  - postage on me. Winners will be drawn and announced via a Facebook Live - that will be announced when I get my first 10 reviews 😀 (This will be ongoing, by the way...every 10 reviews, I will do a Facebook Live to draw and announce a new winner). Could that be YOU??

So if you are feeling generous and lucky I’d love to be able to call you out publicly 😉

CLICK HERE to leave a review on my Facebook Page

Okay so having made that request, keep reading if you want to know what I have been up to and what has led me to these big undertakings that I will be revealing to you…

Well back in 2013 I recorded my first single which led to a crowdfunding campaign which led to an album. 

Between then and now my life has been all over the place - dealing with huge losses and some amazing accomplishments pretty much all at the same time.

One of the things I was finally able to do back in 2016 was to become a full-time performing artist. That was a personal goal I set for myself back when I decided to do this.

However, I soon discovered that you can only do so many performances a year within a 100 mile radius... and touring is a very costly endeavor... so I quickly realized that if I want to scale - expand my reach AND build a sustainable career - I’d need to master the skills required to operate in the new music industry, and that would require both time and greater financial resources.

So last year one of the sponsors of my last album launch event was looking for someone to help out in their tasting room so I raised my hand and that has been a huge blessing. They even told me I could bring my guitar in on slow days and practice! (if you are in the area, feel free to pop into the Doghaus Brewery in Leavenworth WA...if I’ve got my guitar on me, ya might even get a serenade)

Anyways - like they say, you can’t have a tall tree without deep roots so I’ve been doing a TON of ground work. Not just professionally but also emotionally and spiritually. So much has happened over the past few years and moving forward, I want to be the best version of myself I can be so that I can share what comes of that renewed and refreshed version of myself with you and the world.

So that’s kind of me in a nutshell right now. After all, every mighty oak was just a nut that kept its ground - so yep, I’m still around and you will be hearing more from me soon…

But that’s it for now because this is already seeewper lawng..

Meanwhile, here’s that link again in case you’re feeling so awesomely inclined to leave a review on my Facebook page… Can't thank you enough ❤️

Talk soon,

Eden :)

PS: As far as leaving a review - it can be anything… from something big like telling people how my songs have impacted your life to something as simple as letting people know which famous artist you think I sound like. Either way, I look forward to making you a lucky winner of a signed copy of my latest album! - hey, there IS a one in 10 chance that it’ll be you...😉

PPS: here’s the ugly link

PPPS: I just wanna give a shout out to those of you who have been with me from the beginning. I realize most people don’t wanna be around for the fertilizing process, they just wanna enjoy the flowers - and that’s totally okay. I never take it personally and totally realize it’s not me, it’s you ;P haha! Seriously tho - I’ve seen many people come and go with the changes and events in my life over the past few years - but those of you who have stuck with me through it all, I just wanna say: consider me your fan 🙏 I'M SO EXCITED YOU'RE HERE!!! Our best days lie ahead...